2009 Highlights

We always try a few new variety's, usually from starts but sometimes from seed. This year was no exception and the results were great. The first crop is always radish's and we planted the traditional Cherry Belle, and a new one called Watermelon Radish. They are slower to mature and develop a much larger top, but what a pleasant surprise when you harvest them. A mild radish heat and typical texture, but with a 2" to 3" diameter and an interior color you won't believe. ***** Stars

These are officially called Armenian Cucumbers. We grew these from seed in morning sun mixed with regular pickling cucumbers and pole beans. We actually forgot about them as the plants grew and mixed in perfectly with the other cuc's. When we discovered them, they were already from 16" to 24" long and 2" to 3" diameters with a nice pale green color. We peeled and sliced them to eat raw with a mild to sweet taste and a little more crunch then regular cucumbers. ***** Stars.

New to our garden was a Crookneck Squash. Planted a single start in full sun by itself that grew rapidly into a huge 5' diameter plant. We did spay this plant for aphids as it had it's own Eco-system inside all the huge leaves. We were also careful not to spray the entire plant, but watered a lot at the base of the plant. The effort was worth it as it produced at least 100 of these nice sized squash. From barbecued to stuffed and baked or eaten raw these were great. This plant did require some extra work with watering and bugs. **** Star

The rest of this years Urban Garden was for the most part standard vegetables and herbs that we are familiar with. With limited space it's best to utilize your areas with the regular old standby's you can count on and calculate what your crop size will be.

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