An Incredible Urban Herb Garden

Just a short note to pay homage to one of the incredible herb gardens. It has survived 100+ degrees this summer in direct sunlight. Now it did get watered twice a day and pampered by Mrs. Thumb who dearly loves to cook with fresh herbs.

This particular spot is about 5'x 3' and we planted sunflowers and pole beans at the very back against the wall.. The sunflowers are long gone now, but did there job providing shade during the heat of summer. Look close and you will see six, yup count them six herbs getting long in the tooth but still proving money saving, fresh produce. Let me name all six: Italian Parsley, regular Parsley, Oregano, Sweet Basil, Perennial Basil, in the background with purple flowers, and Cinnamon Basil in the foreground with purple flowers. That is the meaning of Urban Gardening.

For those of you that don't know what this flowering plant is, it is an herb called Cilantro. We started these from seeds and transplanted them between the tomatoes, that were shaded by, you guessed it, Giant Sunflowers. Not only are the sunflowers long gone, but so are the tomatoes, leaving this lonely little Cilantro plant left. It is late in the year for our garden, but to watch the last remnants is fun, and reflects the layering that goes into Urban Gardens.

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