Can You Say Salsa

These are store bought tomatoes, but the peppers are ours. Jalapeno, sweet Hungarian, yellow chillies, and Anaheim, making for a nice warm but not to hot salsa. Not in the picture, but an important item is garlic. We do not grow them simple because they are relatively cheap in the store. If you have time to roast the Tomatoes and peppers it really adds a richness to the flavor.
A closeup of a green bell pepper about the size of a half dollar.
The pepper garden gets its own space. It is about 6' x 6' and is located in the front yard planter where it gets direct mid-day sun. Mrs. Thumb likes her peppers and this year we took the time to test the PH of the dirt. It was approximately 8.60 with 7.0 being neutral. We needed to take it down to 6.50 to really make the plants happy, so we added two bags of Azalea dirt as well as a couple hand fulls of Aammonium sulfate.
What a huge difference it made. We have always had some success with the pepper garden, but it has never been this happy. We planted over 40 starts in this area and stake them up when they get about 18" high. Click the picture to see a close up of some happy pepper plants.

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