We have always attempted to grow certain herbs with some success. This has been a great year for the herb garden. Cool at night and not so hot during the day. We try and use starts when ever we can and this is a tray of assorted Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Chives and Peppers.

This is sweet basil which is a must have in any herb garden. I use it a lot and it is nice to be able to just walk outside and pick some whenever I need it.

This is a oregano and grows up to become a very large plant.

This is a perennial variety of basil. It is not as strong but will last through the winter.

Tarragon is in the upper right corner, thyme is in the lower right corner and the remainder is a mixture of parsley, cilantro and a basil plant poking through the mix.

This plant is marjoram which also grows quickly to become a rather large plant.

This is a rosemary bush.

This is a sage plant, which is also a bush and has pretty pink flowers in winter.

This is my prized dill patch. I cook a lot of Middle Eastern food and dill is a staple.

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