Blossom the Possum

Every year we get our share of these creatures. We have cats and the possums seem to smell the cat food, as well as all the great veggies growing around the house.

We have three grape vines in the back yard that have morphed into a stripped green and red seedless variety. Well, as the clusters were developing this year, they started to disappear one by one. Guess who was stopping by every night.
Mrs. Thumb likes to name every little creature that happens to wonder through the property. All possums are named Blossom, be it Blossom Jr, Little B, Big B, Mr. Blossom or even Mrs. Blossom, but you get the picture.
This young one was named Little B.
The strong arm of the Law has arrived. That will teach you Blossom, Do not eat the grapes!

This is the third Blossom this year. Usually we just rent a live trap at $3.00 a day, but it has become easier to just buy a trap. Two days ago we made a trip to our local Osh Hardware Store and spent $70.00 and the trap will remain set every night. We call our local Animal Control Center in town and the send an official looking person, uniform and all to come and get our captive. They release them unharmed into the wild outside of town.

Possums are night time creatures so it is important to keep them in a cool shaded area with some water until Animal Control picks them up. No reason to hurt the little buggers for doing what they do naturally.

If you have any pictures of critters invading your garden we would love to post them.

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