Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry's make great ground cover, and if you plan on eating them you will need to control the bugs, and slugs, and snails. The best way we found to do that is to use a safe pesticide. It seems these little pests like the berry's as much or more then we do. I will say if you have the time to take care of them it is worth the effort. Some friends of ours from Grand Marais, MN who winter in the Santa Clarita Valley dropped off a potted strawberry plant on our front porch. That's all it took as a runner got into the front planter and we now have fresh strawberry's, about a bowl full every other day.
Nothing like a fresh bowl of berry's. This particular bowl is getting cut up and put into home made yogurt.
Here is the berries all cut up mixed with a little honey and ready for the yogurt to be poured in. Mrs. Thumb makes the yogurt herself with a simple recipe.

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