Products We Use

The girls at our local Do-It Center told us this was so popular they couldn't keep it on the shelf. It's pricey at $24.00 for three pounds and I didn't buy it when they told me to. Well, I went back and they were out and it took two weeks to get my hands on a bag. We highly recommend it and would buy it again.

This product is from Lilly Miller and we needed to acidify our pepper garden as the PH was at 8.5 and we wanted to drop it to approximately 6.5. A liberal scattering by hand and our little 6'x6' pepper garden has never looked better.

The guys at Loews said this was by far and away the most popular soil amendment they sold. We bought 10 bags @ $5.95 a bag and it looks like black dirt when you open it. We really liked the quality of this product and would buy it again.

The pest control product we use,(besides a live trap)is from Osh Hardware. It's a sprayer that you attach to the garden hose it is premixed and is strong enough to kill bugs but doesn't seem to hurt the plants. It's called Ready-to-Spray Multipurpose Yard & Garden Insect Killer. We would love to grow completely organic but some of these bugs are not only tougher then hell but they have big appetite's also. So we don't fool around with them, we just kill them and be done with it.

As this list grows we will continue to update it. If we can save you the trouble of experimenting with products that don't work, you will have more time to enjoy your garden.

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