Artichoke Surprise

We got our hands on a start from Walmart (about $2.00) in December 2008. It was a pathetic looking start (half dead) but we planted it anyway. It gets morning and a little afternoon sun, but we had no idea it was going do what it did. It got huge in just six months with Artichokes everywhere.
If you have never seen an artichoke go to flower it is a pleasant surprise. As the plant starts to die off any remaining artichokes develop this spectacular 3 to 4" purple fuzzy top. Double click this picture for a close up.

This is a unique plant and if you like to eat artichokes you will really enjoy watching this one grow. Once it dies off you cut it back to ground level and the process starts again with an even larger plant.

A truly awesome plant to watch grow, harvest the chokes, and enjoy the flowers.

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