Watermelon Radish

We pulled the last of our watermelon radishes today (7/2/09). These were just another really pleasant surprise. 1) Because they grew in a PH 6.5 pepper garden. 2)They were fool proof, loosen the dirt, toss some seeds around, wait....no bugs....wait....and wow 3" diameter radishes with a tremendous inside color and flavor. A must grow for next year.

We always grow radishes and they are always the first real crop. We just scatter seeds here and there in between other plants. There was a package of Watermelon Radish seeds at the store that said they would grow to a 3" diameter. So what the heck we tried them, and low and behold here they are. That's a quarter for reference sitting in front.

When we cut into one, this color must be the reason for calling them Watermelon Radishes. The flavor is typical radish but milder. We will definitely grow these again.

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