The Pepper Garden

Today (7/2/09) we poked around in the peppers and found these, but there is hundreds more where these came from. Any suggestions out there?

We decided to improve on our pepper garden this year. It's a 6'x 6' area that gets morning and mid-afternoon sun. After testing the PH at 8.5 the girls at the Do-It Center recommended a couple bags of Azalea dirt to lower the PH. We also tossed in some Lilly Miller Aluminum Sulfate for kicks. Double click this picture to see over forty happy pepper plants.

Little baby green bells...Aren't they cute.

Some store bought tomato's but our peppers getting blistered for salsa.

And the end product. A quart of Mrs. Thumbs awesome salsa. Not because its hot but I think it has to do with roasted garlic. There has been fights over the last scoop of this stuff.

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