Update-More Then We Can Eat

We have never in ten years of gardening had such a tremendous amount of food to try and keep up with. The pile of pickles on the left side of the picture is going into pint jars tonight and the tomatoes are going to be cooked down tomorrow for chicken wing sauce. Mrs. Thumb has made over 25 loafs of zucchini and squash bread so far that are in the freezer, and six half pints of strawberry jam. Check out the monster zucchini (10lbs plus) in the middle of the picture that was hiding in the garden.

A really nice example of the amount of food you can grow in a small urban setting. One zucchini plant, one squash plant, and twenty different tomato plants jammed together. Double click the picture and you might notice some small Roma's with the Cherry's in the small basket. This is approximately 50lbs of squash, tomato's, and zucchini.

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