Check Out These Colors

We like to try different varieties every year. Some work out and some don't but nothing ventured nothing gained. (my Dad told me that) We always try to grow some yellow tomato's but this is a Lemon Boy Tomato that isn't producing a lot, but enough to eat. It has a great color with a thin skin and the flavor is really mild.

The bell pepper is call a Chocolate Bell and this is the first one out of the garden. It feels and looks just like a bell pepper with a nice dark brown color.

The Watermelon Radish (cut in half) is about 2-3" in diameter with a mild radish taste. The texture is the same as any radish and we have not had any pithy or bug problems at all.

The bright red pepper is a jalapeno (usually green) that was on the plant to long. It doesn't seen to hurt the flavor or texture at all.

The fun of gardening for us is not only all the great food but trying something new every year. We would find room in the garden for all these variety's next year.

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