A Tired Garden

Looking out from the back deck you can see the giant sunflowers are starting to give into the heat and bow down. The entire tomato garden has stopped growing and seems to be putting their energy into the remaining fruit. I don't know how many pounds we have taken out of these plants but my guess would be around 175 with another 50 pounds still on the plants.

The pickle/cucumber plants are really slowing down also. Although there is still a bunch hiding in the foliage. This was our best year ever with this type of crop. We always grew enough to eat but the plants always ended up moldy and were never really healthy.

The sunflowers always look sad to me when they have matured. They served their purpose providing shade, and if you look close you can see the healthy bean plants behind this giant sunflower. It won't be long and the birds and squirrels will be eating the seeds.

Here is the mighty crookneck squash. Definitely an incredible plant that surprised us with the amount of squash it would provide. The 100 degree heat and old age is starting to get the best of this plant now. Look closely at the bottom right hand side and you will see it is still cranking out squash. Mrs. Thumb made 24 large loafs and 12 small loafs of bread, 6 pints of pickles, as all we could eat this summer. This plant produced more food then any other plant in the garden this year....hands down.

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