Ever had the urge to eat a pickle. Well Mrs. Thumb had a huge two quart jar and found a cucumber hiding under all the bean and cucumber leaves. Here you have it a pickle in a two quart jar. Double click the picture to see this giant up close.

This is one plant we never had great success with. We always managed to get some cucumbers but the plants would develop some kind of leaf mold. This year the plants seem to be developing a little slow but they are very healthy and nice looking plants. Today (7/2/09) we found four nice size cucumbers worth about a buck a piece in our grocery stores.

Mrs. Thumb planted four hills of bush cucumbers on the side of the house with nothing but morning sun. If you double click the picture, you will notice some dark green zucchini leaves on the left, in the back some pole beans, and on the right is the prized dill patch.

This is a pickling cucumber we think. It some how got started in with a patch of pole beans. On the left it has started climbing up a trellis. It's also taking over some parsley and bush peas. We decided to just let this one have its way and go where ever it wants. To us, its not to have law and order in the garden but to have fun with it and get a lot of veggies.

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